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Modena Tax Levy Lawyer

Having unpaid tax debt with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is typically a manageable problem. This is until a significant amount of time has passed and the IRS has already attempted a lot of collection efforts to no avail. If things haven’t been resolved on your end, they will initiate a tax levy, which can lead to the loss of your most valuable assets, like a vehicle or a house.

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It can be scary to receive a tax levy notice from the IRS. But if you are ever in this situation, don’t worry. With a trusted and competent Modena tax levy lawyer, you can have the best chance to succeed in achieving one of the many ways to resolve an IRS tax levy.

Even if you have already received your Final Notice of Intent to Levy, a top-notch law firm Defense Tax Partners can still help you out. We specialize in fixing tax issues, especially involving the IRS. So no matter how complicated your tax levy situation is, we can find the best solutions from you, whether to apply for a favorable installment plan or negotiate with the IRS to settle with an offer-in-compromise deal.

You should know, however, that a taxpayer has a maximum of 30 days to settle the debt or agree to a repayment plan from the day the IRS sends their notice to initiate a tax levy. The smartest thing to do is get a Modena tax levy lawyer that you can trust. Reach out to us today to gain control of your finances in no time!

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What is a Tax Levy?

A tax levy is not a very common situation. The IRS only initiates one if they have exhausted all the lighter ways to collect money from you and no satisfactory response has been received from your end.

A tax levy process typically involves the following steps:

1. The IRS evaluates the taxpayer’s tax account and debt.
2. They send the Notice and Demand for Payment and the tax bill.
3. If there is no clear intention to pay for the debt or at least settle a repayment plan, the IRS will be compelled to send a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and a Notice of Your Right to A Hearing.
4. The taxpayer will then have a maximum of 30 days to resolve the debt or establish a debt settlement program with the IRS before going through with the levy.

Any assets you have that are valuable enough to pay for your outstanding debt can be targeted by the IRS for the levy. Here are some types of levies that you should know about in case you have related assets:

Bank Levies

In a bank levy, the IRS will coordinate with your bank to take the funds in your account and use them to pay for the debt. But before they collect your money, your account will first be frozen for 21 days to give you a chance to settle the debt with a payment or a repayment plan. Otherwise, they will keep taking funds until the debt is fully paid off.

Property Seizure

The IRS can also be interested in a number of valuable properties, including houses, private vehicles, land properties, dividends, accounts receivables, licenses, retirement accounts, rental income, and the cash loan value of insurance policies.

Reduced Tax Refunds

The IRS can also reclaim any state or federal tax refunds you have been receiving.

Wage Garnishment

florida tax attorneyWage garnishment as a tax levy method involves the IRS getting into an arrangement with your employer to collect a portion of your regular salary to pay for your debt.

There are three main ways through which a wage garnishment can end. The first is, of course, to pay the debt in full. The second is, if you can’t pay in full immediately, you can negotiate with the IRS to agree on a repayment plan that you can commit to. Finally, the IRS must stop collecting any money from you if the statute of limitations, a law that limits legal processes, has already expired on your account.

Preventing a Tax Levy

The obvious way to immediately and completely get rid of a tax levy situation is to pay the debt in full. But this is not always possible.

irs attorney

If you hire a Modena tax levy lawyer, you can have a better understanding of and access to many options in solving your tax levy situation with the IRS. Contact Defense Tax Partners today so we can help you take the best steps.

Whatever option you think is best for your case, our company is here to support and guide you throughout the process as well as provide every legal service you need. Here are some examples of options you can take:

1. Offer in Compromise
2. Installment Plans
3. Innocent Spouse Relief
4. Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status

You don’t need to worry when the IRS has already started the levy process and has taken a portion of your assets. There are still ways not just to stop the levy but also to retrieve what you have lost. We can file an appeal to the IRS stating that you will enter a favorable payment plan and that you’ve experienced significant financial difficulties. Rest assured that the installment plan and all the appeals will be geared towards your interests and rights.

Call Defense Tax Partners today at (801) 893-4883 for your Free Consultation with a Modena Tax Levy Lawyer!

Professional Legal Representation

We understand how stressful and worrying it can be to receive a notice from the IRS that they plan on initiating a levy on your assets. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. You can easily change the game and make the whole process a lot easier if you hire a trusted and skilled Modena tax levy lawyer to assist you with everything. Even if the IRS has already sent a Notice and Demand for Payment, our legal team is here to help you choose the most effective solutions you need.

Once you call our number, our team will immediately attend to your needs and discuss your situation. We will evaluate your documents and tax records to know the best solutions you can choose.

If you need assistance on any of the following legal situations, Defense Tax Partners is here to provide you with the best legal team you will ever need:

1. Tax Resolution
2. Offer in Compromise
3. Wage Garnishment Removal
4. Penalty Abatement
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Innocent Spouse Relief
7. Audit Representation
8. Passport Reinstatement
9. Tax Preparation
10. Tax Lien Removal

Whether you have sensitive, high-value assets or a very complicated case that has gone haywire, Defense Tax Partners is always ready to work with you. We are fully capable of providing every legal service that you might need for every conceivable tax-related situation. If you need a tough and dedicated Modena tax levy lawyer to represent you against the IRS, or if you just need simple legal advice, we are here to help you out and give you the best of our services.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Defense Tax Partners logoIf you have any sort of problem with taxes or the IRS, all you have to do is get a Modena tax levy lawyer from Defense Tax Partners to make the situation drastically better and easier to solve.

We are confident to say that we can give you the best chance against a tax levy and other problems you may have with taxes. Let us help you gain control over your financial life again and protect your rights and interests in the process.

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