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Pine Valley Tax Debt Attorney

Handling difficult tax debts? Defense Tax Partners is the best choice you can make. A trusted tax debt resolution company, our resume goes throughout the years, helping taxpayers gain control over their financial life through effective tax solutions and strategies. There is no case too complicated for Defense Tax Partners‘s Pine Valley tax debt attorney to handle.

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What can we do to help you? Everything. We are fully capable of providing every legal service to help our clients get the best out of their tax debt situation, no matter how complicated or simple it is. From assessing the financial capabilities of taxpayers to identifying which resolution method is best for them, we are here from start to finish. We will guide you through all the laws and procedures that you need to understand so you can make the right choices about your tax debts. Even if the IRS threatens to execute harsh collection methods, such as tax levies and wage garnishments, we are here to help you out.

Take note: the IRS has a maximum of 10 years to fully collect your tax payables. This may seem like a long time. But the longer you wait to fix the situation, the more fees and penalties will pile on top of each other until they become much more than what you can only handle.

So once you’ve accrued some debt, don’t think twice. Call Defense Tax Partners as soon as you can to get a Pine Valley tax debt attorney that can solve all your problems in the best ways possible. Make the right choice today.

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Methods for Tax Debt Relief

Every US citizen must pay the proper amount of taxes regularly. It is the task of the Internal Revenue Service and the Utah State Tax Commission to make sure that this happens perfectly. If things do not flow right, these offices have many ways to make sure taxpayers pay their taxes accurately. But of course, it is no secret that many people incur debt no matter how hard they try to take care of their financial situation. This is why these tax authorities themselves offer debt relief programs.

As experts in tax law, our team can help you choose the best tax relief program so you can gain control of your finances as soon as possible. Here are some examples:

“Currently Not Collectible” Status

People who do not have any capacity to pay for their debt anytime soon can apply for a currently-not-collectible status. This program frees a taxpayer in debt from any collection efforts by tax authorities. Interests and penalties will still accrue over time, but the taxpayer will have time to recover financial losses and gain a stable source of funds. Note, however, that the IRS monitors the financial situations of people under this status to make sure that they settle the debt once they have gained the capacity to pay.

Filing for Bankruptcy

This may sound like a bad last resort, but resorting to bankruptcy gives people access to opportunities that can help them ease their way to paying their debt in full. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are the most common and applicable in tax debt resolution. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the taxpayer to exchange assets to pay for the debt, while Chapter 13 allows an agreement to a relatively easier repayment plan that typically spans five years.

Innocent Spouse Relief

An innocent spouse relief frees a spouse from debt payment liabilities but only under specific circumstances. The spouse or ex-spouse of the taxpayer alone must have done the financial activities that led to the debt, rendering the taxpayer innocent of debt and relieving them of any further financial responsibility.

If other relief options apply to your joint cases, such as separation of liability relief or equitable tax relief, we can also help you file for these programs.

Installment Plans

Installment plans are very common for a reason. The IRS typically prefers this debt relief method because it guarantees them good payback even if it’s lower than the totality of the debt. In this program, we can help you negotiate certain changes with your payment responsibilities to ease them for you. Such changes may be in the form of lower interests or a longer payment period.

“Offer in Compromise” Program

If the taxpayer does not have the capacity to pay for the debt anytime soon through the other relief programs, an offer-in-compromise method may be taken. Also called a lump-sum payment, this involves paying a significant portion of the debt and leaving the rest to be subject to the consideration of the IRS. This can be applicable to people who, for example, have suffered a job loss and have been a recipient of a severance package. In some cases, the IRS has allowed people to pay for only about 20 percent of their total debt. With a Pine Valley tax debt attorney from Defense Tax Partners, you can have the best chance of settling with the best possible debt relief program.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (801) 893-4883 for your Free Consultation with a Pine Valley Tax Debt Attorney!

IRS Tax Debt Attorney

Applying for any of these debt relief programs is obviously not easy. There are many procedural and documentary requirements that the IRS is notoriously strict with. It is not easy to prove that you are eligible or deserving of a tax debt relief program.

tax settlement and tax levyBut with a Pine Valley tax debt attorney at your service, you can have a much easier time solving your tax debt problems. Defense Tax Partners has years of experience in handling debt cases. We know how to negotiate with the IRS to get the best outcome for our clients. We know every procedure they have and what they’re looking for in the eligibility and worthiness of a taxpayer for a debt relief program. We will be here for you, guiding and aiding you in all the meetings, correspondence, appeals, negotiations, and encounters that you will have with the IRS. Let us help you make the right legal and financial decisions as you fix your tax debt.

Here are other situations that we can help you with:
1. Tax Preparation
2. Passport Reinstatement
3. Tax Resolution
4. Tax Lien Removal
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Audit Representation
7. Wage Garnishment Removal

Whether you’re in trouble with the federal or state tax authorities, you can count on us to give you top-of-the-line legal services, advice, and representation for all your endeavors. Get the best tax law attorney that you can have from Defense Tax Partners today.

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Fixing tax debt is always an urgent matter. You wouldn’t want to let time pass by before fixing your payables with the IRS or the Utah tax office. We get that it can be overwhelming, and it’s just easier to avoid the situation, but we assure you that the entire process will be drastically different–easier–with a Pine Valley tax debt attorney from Defense Tax Partners who will walk you through the process.

If you have more concerns and questions about how we can help you, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to tell you how we can be the smartest option you can take regarding your tax crisis.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (801) 893-4883 for your Free Consultation with a Pine Valley Tax Debt Attorney!