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Tabiona IRS Audit Defense Attorney

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audits are regular evaluations of taxpayer accounts to check if they are able to follow tax laws properly. They are triggered by suspicious and unusual financial activities found on tax accounts. But they can also be done randomly. So if you know you have done nothing wrong with your taxes yet the IRS notified you that they would do an audit on your account, it is still wisest to get an expert to help you out.

audit defense and tax fraud attorney

Get a top-notch Tabiona IRS audit defense attorney from Defense Tax Partners today. We are a team of seasoned legal specialists with strong expertise in tax-related matters. We can easily conduct a thorough evaluation of your financial situation, even your credits, tax deductions, and expenses, so we can be ready with anything the IRS might throw at you. And if there are any legitimate issues with your tax account, we can help you negotiate with the IRS to lower your penalties to the minimum.

You must know that even if an error found on your tax return is a mere result of an honest mistake, a penalty from the IRS will still be valid. With a Tabiona IRS audit defense attorney from Defense Tax Partners, no matter how complex your case is, we can help you defend your interests the best way possible.

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What is an IRS Tax Audit?

Audits happen so that the IRS can check if people are paying their taxes at the right amount. It does not always mean, however, that taxpayers who get audited have done something wrong or illegal.

tax settlement and tax levyNonetheless, IRS audits are always stressful processes. And when it comes to cases where there is actual tax fraud or evasion, the entire situation can get a lot more complicated, leading to hefty fines and even imprisonment.

Here are the situations that typically trigger an IRS audit:

1. Errors with data entry
2. Unreported income
3. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
4. Non-existent dependents
5. Disproportionate or unusually high deductions (e.g., home office deductions, charity donations, and business expenses)
6. Self-employment with excessive reported losses

There are other reasons why the IRS might initiate an audit, although it is important to know that they have different kinds of auditing approaches that vary depending on how severe the case is.

Correspondence audit – The simplest cases are handled with a correspondence audit. In this approach, the IRS only asks for certain documents via email so they can cross-reference them with other relevant information, such as those from your creditors, employers, or stockbrokers.

Office audits – If an email is not enough, the IRS may request to meet you in person at one of their local branches. Defense Tax Partners’s team of legal experts can accompany and guide you throughout this process wherever the IRS may require you to go.

Field examinations – For the most severe cases, the IRS will deem it necessary to send out a special, highly experienced agent to do the auditing process. The audit may be done at the taxpayer’s residence or business location.

Whether the IRS uses a correspondence audit on you or the more intensive field examination, our lawyers at Defense Tax Partners will be there for you to give you the best Tabiona IRS audit defense that you can get.

Tax Audit Defense

If you know you’ve done nothing wrong, it is completely understandable to expect that the IRS will not find anything on your account worthy of a penalty. But it is also important to know that even if you did not do any willful avoidance of paying your taxes or any violation, the IRS could still penalize any sort of mistake on your tax account. This is why once you’ve received notice of an impending audit, it is best to contact the experts to help you out.

florida tax attorneyOur legal team at Defense Tax Partners will make sure that all relevant information and financial documents that you have will be examined so we can find any weaknesses that the IRS may highlight. Our goal is to achieve the best results possible for your case, whether it’s to lower the penalties set by the IRS or get a refund on the fees that you will have paid through the process.

On the other hand, if legitimate errors or civil violations are present in your account, things can be a little more difficult. But don’t worry; we can still help you out. We can still appeal to the IRS to lower your penalties as much as possible. No matter how complex your situation is, we are here to help you. We can even support you in arguing with the IRS that their take on your case is unfair or against your rights.

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Tax Audit Legal Support

At Defense Tax Partners, we provide nothing short of top-of-the-line Tabiona IRS audit defense services. With our years of experience in the field and extensive knowledge about tax law and IRS procedures, we will handle your case with sharpness and skill, creating the best possible solution plan based on your specific situation.

Tax AttorneysOnce the IRS contacts you for an audit, we highly recommend that you call us as soon as you can. We will immediately ask for your financial details so we can assess your situation and plan out our strategy to defend your case against the IRS.

As a leading law firm specializing in tax laws, we offer more than just help against IRS audits. Here are other common situations that we can help you with:

1. Passport Reinstatement
2. Tax Lien Removal
3. Innocent Spouse
4. Audit Representation
5. Tax Preparation
6. Penalty Abatement
7. Tax Resolution
8. Offer in Compromise
9. Wage Garnishment Removal
10. Bank Levy Removal

Whether you just need legal help to manage your tax documents or you need a Tabiona IRS audit defense attorney to represent you during all your meetings and correspondence with the IRS, Defense Tax Partners is here to provide our very best with whatever situation you’re facing.

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When it comes to facing an IRS audit, it is always best to get a Tabiona IRS audit defense attorney whether you’ve made a minor mistake on your tax payments or you’ve been accused of tax evasion. From providing top legal advice to representing you in litigation court, Defense Tax Partners is here to provide all your legal needs with competence, dedication, and professionalism.

Call us as soon as you can once the IRS contacts you for an audit!

Call Defense Tax Partners at (801) 893-4883 for your Free Consultation with a Tabiona IRS Audit Defense attorney!